I like how trust agents refer to adams as "Lord Adams"

#1Neo-ganonPosted 4/1/2011 7:48:14 PM

as seen in this gameplay video, they even say things like "for our ardent master lord adams!"


its like they worhip him as a god or something

#2lilORANGPosted 4/2/2011 11:53:54 AM
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#3Simok123Posted 4/2/2011 3:08:34 PM
I think he actually is suppose to be a god. You know how how in the trailer it says "a mortal man, vs a living god" and I remember A guy on the portal made up was the conduit back story is, and he thought that Adams and his race are gods or something. Think about it, aliens could technecly be gods......damn the conduits story is so deep >:O
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#4Neo-ganon(Topic Creator)Posted 4/2/2011 3:41:19 PM

hmmm maybe the trust agents believe that since Adam's race is superior to humanity, they should be worshipped as such?

#5ZvolTxPosted 4/2/2011 3:45:42 PM
Simok that story that the guy talked about.. that IS the story of Tcon, well at least what all the names and stuff are. I don't remember where it was just it was an interview with HVS and the invterviewer mentioned that myth and the HVS guy actually acknowlaged it and said that was the story/myth its taken from.

But then again maybe i'm just dillusional :S
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#6CHAINMAILLEKIDPosted 4/2/2011 6:25:09 PM
For a second I had adams and ford mixed up, and was REALLY confused.