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5 years ago#1

Well, this is it. 17 more days people. I will have a daily question, I guess. So, first day....uhhh....Do you actually like Doritos and Orange Soda?

5 years ago#2

Actually yes not to long ago a bunch of my friends and I were hanging out eating doritoes and orange soda.

5 years ago#3
Yes. I sadly haven't either in a while, but unwaveringly yes, I like them.
5 years ago#4
Orange Soda = my first favorite soda

Doritos = i'm engaged to the Harbenaro flavor.
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5 years ago#5

Wow, I'm different. My favorite soda is Grape (don't hate, that ****'s good) and Doritos are OK, but are sometimes too spicy. I have a very low tolerance for spicy foods.

5 years ago#6

well i cant actually have Dorrito's (health issue) but i can have Dorritos without wheat in them lol. and i freaking love orange soda. ever since keenan and kel when i first found out about it...

5 years ago#7
i just hope it stays the 19th
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5 years ago#8

Day 16.....Do you listen to music while playing?

5 years ago#9

Yep gets me in the zone I listen to alot of disturbed and slipknot to get pumped.

5 years ago#10
Nah. The in-game music/SFX is enough for me.
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