anyone else hate fords voice?

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5 years ago#21
I'm not to happy with C2's voices. One of the few advantages the original has over this cool sequel.

Kevin Sorbet should have come back for this one.
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5 years ago#22
You guys do realize that Ford's new voice actor is Duke Nukem?
If I want cheesyness, I'll go play a Duke Nukem game (Duke Nukem 3D FTW). It's over the top fun that matches the cheesy lines. Doesn't seem to work well in this game.

Can't wait for Duke Nukem Forever BTW.
5 years ago#23
SupahShnipa posted...
The whole dark, conspiracy vibe from the original is gone.
That's whats most disappointing to me about C2. Well i mean as far as i can tell from the videos. Join my super duper clan
5 years ago#24
Fords voice is alright with me, as long as he dosnt try to be just like Duke.
On the other hand, I absolutely HATE Prometheus's new voice.
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5 years ago#25
Prometheus/Kevin Sorbo was the only voice I liked from the first game, but I don't mind his replacement; Sorbo wouldn't have mixed with this new Ford, they'd be two tough guys in constant conflict with no variety or balance between them.

While we're at it, the new Adams is decent, and about on par with the old one, to me anyway.
5 years ago#26
^I can't even tell the difference. I forgot there even was a new Adams.
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5 years ago#27

I actually find Ford's conception kind of ironic. like, didnt HVS try and make ford into the opposite of Duke Nukem for the first? Like more of an everyman rather than a larger-than-life superhero? now he has literally turned into duke nukem...

5 years ago#28
I don't necessarily hate it, but I can say I liked the last one way more. Hopefully I get used to it >.<
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5 years ago#29
It's alright, not great. This "improvement" rather disappointed me. From the start of the The Conduit, I could tell that Mr. Ford's voice was a little boring, but now, this one is really cheesy. Maybe it's just the dialogue? Where is the middle point? Really, I'm used to it by now, but I wonder how come we can't just have a normal voice actor.

I made one huge mistake of hating a game because of absolutely atrocious voice actors (Baten Kaitos), and I regret that decision. So even if Michael Ford sounded like a frog shoved up a parrot's a**, I'd still buy Conduit 2. :P
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