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5 years ago#1
I dont know who on this board still watches them, but I check in with them now and then. I also make sure to ask questions that concern members of this board.

What I heard from Carnage and Pico is that they will be heading to Chicago and doing a live broadcast with HVS dealing with the Con2 release from Noon to Noon the next day, central time.

10 am pst, 11 am mst, 1 pm est

Knowing the show and HVS, they will probably be doing give aways but not for certain. They might even be showing some game play and perhaps do some online if you are paying attention one might be able to compete with or against them.
5 years ago#2
5 years ago#3
Did it start yet ?
5 years ago#4
On release day, the 19th, the show will be noon to noon. I am guessing they are doing this in partial celebration of 4/20 as well since the release date is right next to it.

I have no idea what exactly they will be doing, but the last time HVS and Sega was at their apartment/studio they gave away some pretty sweet swag. A few things were just Sega sponsored things that had nothing to do with Con2, but I imagine HVS will make sure it will all relate to Con2 this time.

I have my fingers crossed for a magic trust ball like what Carnage got from Eric. I saw it in one of their typical casts where he got a package from Eric which he immediately started asking it questions and shaking it for answers; I want one.
5 years ago#5
bump again,

only bumping because I am assuming people have not read this due to the lack of response on it,
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