regular or hardcore, which one are you playing?

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User Info: donkeypunch1116

5 years ago#1
being this close to launch, im wondering what mode most people are going be playing, regular or hardcore.
*just to clarify: regular = lock-on and radar, hardcore = no lock on, radar is disabled*

regular - 0
hardcore - 1

post away :)
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User Info: The_Shader

5 years ago#2
If those are the only changes/difference between the two...

Regular- 0

If weapon damage or such is altered between the two.....

Regular- 1
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User Info: DivinityStripes

5 years ago#3
I'll probably play hardcore most of the time, then play some regular when I'm bored and dominate with my no lock-on skills ^-^.
Really, if you can get head shots without lock-on, you'll destroy when you do have it; It'll be too easy! Though, the lock-on is very different in this game, so only time will tell for me...
Why? Because.

User Info: Reedeemer

5 years ago#4
Lock-on is whack, even though they changed it up a bit. Hardcore for me, unless theres significantly more people playing regular.

regular - 0
hardcore - 4
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User Info: SupahShnipa

5 years ago#5
Regular - 0
Hardcore - 4
Both - 1

Hope you guys don't mind me adding an option :P
I see regular like Social Matches in the older Halos.

User Info: xXDa-KidXx

5 years ago#6

Don't care.

User Info: tconslayer

5 years ago#7


User Info: Lunch-Lady

5 years ago#8

If I am leveling up, regular. Playing to get better? Hardcore all the way.

User Info: ddd87

5 years ago#9
Whichever has the least hackers

User Info: Warrior0420

5 years ago#10
Regular because hardcore will be full of campers (like it is in every game with a hardcore mode). If they left the radar in hardcore then I'd probably play hardcore but no radar = more campers. I don't care about lock-on, it's only benefiting people that need it, so in theory regular will be harder than hardcore will (like it is in every game with a hardcore mode). This could all change once the game actually comes out but I highly doubt it.
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