This game will get good reviews. (Hear me out)

#1ThechosenwafflePosted 4/8/2011 6:25:11 AM
Yes, I'm a fanboy. I love the original with a passion, and if my friend didnt borrow it, I'd probably be playing it.

Anyways, this game will get good reviews, why?

1) The original was received with lukewarm criticism, which means in order to get good reviews, you have to fix all of that, and do more. Which they did, from the original conduit, one of the complaints was "bland environments", which has been not only remedied with big landscapes, but also varied in the variety and graphical work put into the environments. Another thing that it was criticized for was its lack of ingame cutscenes. Again, this has been remedied in a BIG way!

2) This game is competing with Portal 2. Why would this give it better reviews? Because of a phenomenon I like to call "when one game succeeds, it puts gamers in a pretty good mood" which essentially means that if either portal OR Tcon2 do well, other games released at/around the same time will have generally boosted scores. + Hype for Portal2 is huge, if its a letdown, it could still help out this game because of the fact that it could very well be better by comparison. Im guessing the first option will be true though.

3) Best Wii Multiplayer. Just in the sheer amount of options, it is superior, and if what they say about lag is true, this could very well be the greatest multiplayer on any nintendo console. That alone would give any game about a 9/10
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