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5 years ago#1
Hey everyone!

Just got a quick question.

Do any of the writers of this site stop by here at all?


5 years ago#2
Never been there before. Mind telling us why you ask?
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5 years ago#3
It wouldn't surprise me, due to him linking here in this post:

But I've never heard of anybody like that reading here. Could be wrong, though.
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5 years ago#4
I was a regular on that site.. Most of the guys there are from TCIC. But I think you can find them in HVS network.
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5 years ago#5
never even heard of this site before...

Nice of you Tony to stop by here and there Tony! We miss you dude
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5 years ago#6
I was there for a while after TCIC, but it kind of died, so then I went to here. Tempest reopened TCIC after a while, but that's more dead than Battery Acid was...
5 years ago#7
K thanks guys. If any of you guys run into any of those guys online, please let me know I am looking for them and have them post on here if they can. Thanks!

5 years ago#8
Will do man
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5 years ago#9
anything forr youuu tonnyyyy <3
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5 years ago#10
Woah woah woah. I'm here. O_O

Hello people.

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