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5 years ago#11
Oh gosh I hope I didn't miss him. My email's in my profile. There used to be a contact page but recently the site was redone and it must have been deleted. I updated the site quickly to prove the admin/creator of the blog and myself are the same person.
5 years ago#12
By golly, Francis is right!

He that speaks much is much mistaken -Benjamin Franklin
5 years ago#13
LigersRule posted...
By golly, Francis is right!


Woah I even posted in that one topic. Shader posted. I didn't even remember that. :P
5 years ago#14
I just realized. For once, Tony is asking us the questions :P. My how the tables have turned.
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"Just get your murder on and we'll pretend nobody saw nothin'."- Scooter

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