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5 years ago#1
3 DAYS!!

List 3 things you're excited for!

1. Invasion
2. Better guns
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5 years ago#2
1. Getting this game after such a long wait.
2. Improved Multiplayer
3. ASE Basketball
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5 years ago#3
1. single player
2. multiplayer
3. invasion
5 years ago#4
1. Invasion

2.split-screen multiplayer

3.better Guns
this is messed up
5 years ago#5
1. Getting conduit 2

2. Playing conduit 2

3. Seeing old friends on conduit 2
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5 years ago#6

1) Getting the game

2) burning through my dorrito and orange soda stockpile over the 3 day weekend whilst playing the game

3) using the AR-C eclipse to sneak attack people

5 years ago#7
local multi!
5 years ago#8
1. A distraction from all these horrible topics.

2. A distraction from all these horrible topic creators.

3. A distraction from the fact that nobody around me is excited for this game, except these creators of horrible topics.
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5 years ago#9
xD ^

1. Custom Classes

2. The rush of clan wars again

3. A happy Shader
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5 years ago#10
1. More varied campaign

2. Co-op invasion Mode with friends

3. Motion Plus controls

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