There are only 4 loadouts?

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5 years ago#1

In the gametrailers video which has already been posted they state you have 4 customizable loadouts. (around the 44 second mark)

What happened to the fifth?

Sorry if trOLD.

5 years ago#2
When there was a fifth?
5 years ago#3
Last year there was talk of 5. Even on this board, people used to ask what 5 weapons you were going to choose.
5 years ago#4
^ Been here the moment the board was made.

Dont recall any "5 loadouts" topics an such. Even if there is only 4 loadouts, thats fine, we can change loadouts while in a online match.

Post topics suggesting so please.
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5 years ago#5
That's great!! There are so many times I wish I could do that in other games.
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