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User Info: tconslayer

6 years ago#1

Hey everyone im SlayerX and want people to join my clan for C2. I led a very succesful clan on goldeneye, with a record of 7-2.

User Info: dankbeast003

6 years ago#2
Hey slayer sorry I left the game today on Goldeneye. I had to go somewhere. Any way good luck! Clan [ID] will be there. btw I was [ID]Edge, I changed my name.
Retiring when Conduit 2 comes out. This is [ID]ODDjob singing off, goodnight and goodbye.

User Info: MrMenConduit

6 years ago#3
How often do I need to be available? Is uk evenings ok?

User Info: FearAggression

6 years ago#4
Ill join

User Info: Lunch-Lady

6 years ago#5

I will more than happily war your clan. Joining isn't an option. You might want to add what site your warring through.

User Info: _Azeal_

6 years ago#6
Hey Slayer, do you want X to be the official rival clan of DS in Conduit 2?
MPH FC: 5156-0451-0965
Dead Sexy (DS)Blue Steel,GE007 FC: 5165-5594-7659

User Info: SharinganDowden

6 years ago#7
Some PKMN Members are moving on to Conduit 2. Some planning to buy the game after a month or so.
I guess i'll see the X, [ID], [DS] Clans around!

User Info: Invasionleader

6 years ago#8
Also clan -IS- will be around. I made it into Pokemon clan but declined to start MK clan. Now I'm moving to C2.

User Info: gr295

6 years ago#9

Why not, I'll join. I need a clan. It's time for the vets to own!

User Info: TKING11

6 years ago#10

@Azeal, If I ever decide to join a Clan you are top of my list. I had said no to joining on this game but I just saw that this supports the headset so I might reconsider? If I do I'll let you know. That is if I qualify? For now I am All about RS on GE ntil further notice.

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