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User Info: LigersRule

5 years ago#1

It's not too in-depth, but.... well, here are some quotes, for those too lazy to read.

.....certainly, this is a more accomplished release than its predecessor.....
....It's a more substantial campaign than you'll find in recent shooters such as Homefront, with additional missions and secrets adding replay value and a certain self-awareness that was lacking from the rather humourless original......
.....Although some of Ford's enemies suggest that if there is life out there, it's not necessarily intelligent, most demonstrate more of a survival instinct than their suicidal counterparts from the original game......
.....It's a convincing reminder of how well-suited the Wii's unique controllers are for the shooter genre.....
.....High Voltage certainly hasn't skimped on the content offering split-screen as well as online play across all game types though at times it does feel as if quantity was a greater concern than quality.....
....the fast-paced action is rarely less than entertaining, making Conduit 2 a solid addition to the relatively slim line-up of shooters on Nintendo's console......

So, decent review. They seem pretty happy with the game, though they don't give a score.
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User Info: Phasmatis92

5 years ago#2
A much more informative and reasoned review than the quite vague NP one.

User Info: LazzyIye

5 years ago#3
Great review! High Five for reviews without scores

User Info: The_Shader

5 years ago#4
A review that doesnt give a score?

me like.
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User Info: Maximo37

5 years ago#5
**Make me even more excited for the release day... great little bullet points of goodness listed...
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User Info: ddd87

5 years ago#6
Two reviewers already have complaints about the AI, if that is the only problem with the game, then Im all good

User Info: Mac-Leoid

5 years ago#7
So far no real look at the online which is what I'm mostly interested in. You'd think they would setup something to give the reviewers a go at it.
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