what happened to the challenge topic?

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User Info: mysockshurt101

5 years ago#1
did it hit 500 already then get deleted/modded?

i was sittin here reading some of the posts and BAM, gone
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User Info: typhone004

5 years ago#2
It was off topic, so it got deleted early.
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User Info: LigersRule

5 years ago#3
Off Topic posting. NKL for me, though, so at least that's good.
He that speaks much is much mistaken -Benjamin Franklin

User Info: UltimateFlame13

5 years ago#4
yep. restart in the weapon topic i just made. We'll still make it. We made 300 some post in just 3 hours. We can make 500 in 6
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  3. what happened to the challenge topic?

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