Honest first impression of game

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4 years ago#1
This game is much better than the original title. The controls are still solid and the gameplay is much faster. They kicked up the framerate which is a great bonus. Btw whoever that Warrior guy was, he sucks. I played him last night in my very first game and I went on an 11kill streak against his time on my first life.
4 years ago#2
So what you are saying is he is just angry that he sucks at the game?
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4 years ago#3
do you realize how many Warriors there are going to be? no offense to the Warrior from our board, but it's not the most unique name in the online gaming world. anyway, i can assure you that that wasnt the one you thought it was..

anyone remember one of the first videos that showcased 4 player deathmatch? there was a Warrior amongst them and man did he blow. you probably played against him haha
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4 years ago#4
I played only 2 games last night and was raging from the major lag. People were flashing on my screen and it was next to impossible to land a hit yet alone a kill. Despite that nobody was killing me that often, I shut the game off soon after because there is no way I'm playing when things are that laggy. I think you probably played a different warrior anyway. Oh and my name is now spelled Warr!0r in game (like it was in the first conduit game) because I made a new profile to solve the FC issues I was having.
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