For all that have the game, do you regret the purshase or was it worth it?

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raysnds1 posted...
the scores this game is getting...doesnt do it justice

^This times a thousand. Especially the Game Informer review. The reviewer called the voice actor for Michael Ford a Duke Nukem sound alike. HELLO! Jon St. John voices Duke Nukem! I stopped reading the review after that. A reviewer that doesn't do their homework is not a reliable one to me.

I'm glad I purchased Conduit 2. Singleplayer isn't the high point of course, however I have been stumped on finding everything in each level. I'm getting more out of the singleplayer than I thought I was going to get. From the few matches I have played in multiplayer, it has been a blast. For me, Conduit 2>Black Ops.
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Having lots of fun with it. I want everything that you can buy at the shop now.

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Worth it. Multiplayer has been great fun so far. Haven't tried single player so can't comment on that.
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so far its a keeper.