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5 years ago#1

Good games today, guys :-) Ran into you for 5-6 games as BOB-OMB*. Good to have my first "rivals" on the roster.

Don't know if you are checking these boards, or if there is somewhere else you guys are looking, but just wanted to ping this out there and see. I know you probably aren't so you don't get a flood of questions, but worth a shot :-)

Anyone else been playing with HVS people and getting blown away by lvl 45 Keith's weapons? Had some nasty backstab assassinations by ChndrMn?

5 years ago#2
Ive rann into a couple HVS guys but I haven't lost to them yet
OnE3nD & FLaM3EnD
5 years ago#3
Are those legit HVS players though? I've played against hvsBravehoof but I thought it was just somebody with a fake name.
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5 years ago#4

Pretty sure they are legit. I was playing with them all together. Keith is already at lvl. 45 and he's the one that they started their video on for their 24 hour live stream. Missed the stream, but apparently I got a mention :-)

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