I can't believe it.

#1leozavalaPosted 4/20/2011 3:22:17 PM
So, I'm in Agartha(?) playing Power Surge with my Phase Rifle (which is awesome btw), a match that would have been my best, easily exceeding 3000+ EXP, getting SO MANY BACKSTAB MEDALS, and my game freezes. I'm sure none of it saved.

I'm so sad.

This game has been freezing quite a bit for me.
Anyone else?
#2ff_10_masterPosted 4/20/2011 3:23:42 PM
dude! me and my bro were playing invasion mode and we had like, 7000 points each, then it froze!

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#3leozavala(Topic Creator)Posted 4/20/2011 3:27:45 PM
Hopefully they release a quick patch/hotfix to take care of it.

My backstab medals... :(
#4LicoRciyoPosted 4/20/2011 3:29:53 PM
Something similar happened to me too.
This is like Black Ops all over again...
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#5ddd87Posted 4/20/2011 3:30:33 PM
Dont do so many points X(

HVS, your inexperience is killing my enthusiasm for the game...
#6stufa1978Posted 4/20/2011 3:45:54 PM
So it's easier to backstab?

I hope the crashing isn't going to be a reoccurring thing.
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