Do I suck with it, or is the Shrieker not that good?

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3 years ago#1
It was much better in TCon.
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3 years ago#2
ocarinaoftasi posted...
It was much better in TCon.

It was too powerful at launch, so they ended up nerfing and buffing it several times up to the point of where it is now.
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3 years ago#3

It's a little too weak,but the energy focus upgrades help.

3 years ago#4
Gush would say you suck with it, lol. (nah- he was really nice- still, hang with my senile ramblings)

Your not alone, count me in too :)

He could main that thing like nobodys buisness. I've never saw anyone else approach what he could do with that thing.

Its better off than the aegis, no worse than the arc and needs a dedicated operator.

he could really make that thing sing :D miss ya Gush!

You'll get it if you work at it, I'd imagine. And by work I mean work. Its finicky for a pickup and play, for sure....less you get that special Clique w/it.

Gush either had that from the get-go and refined it or he developed it over time.

Either way it is capable of major arse chewing, so by default I'd say, imho, it doesnt suck.
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3 years ago#5
After much experience with the Laser-Guided-missile skills from Half-Life, I'd say I've gotten good enough to give shrieker tips. ^_^
-Much like the Hive Cannon, You can only kill somebody so fast. So you can't take on a good SCAR and USP player.
-I find it comes in handy for those players who always jump for cover whenever they get so much as a scratch. If you can figure out how to understand depth perception where you don't actually have it, you'll surely be able to go right around that flimsy cover.
-It will really help you out to put a focus on it.
3 years ago#6
its ok. Its not as powerful when you use the straight faster shots. just matters what you like
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3 years ago#7
Use both Energy Focusses. Then go for 3 body shots, this should be enough to kill an unamored person.

Don't shoot at their legs though and don't go for splash damage, this way it might require 6 shots and that's total ammo waste.

And if you're fighting against high rate fire weapons, such as the SCAR and USP, use the Alternate Fire mode or the Normal mode in close combat (I prefer Normal Mode).
If it's a distance combat, you could try the Normal mode, but I would suggest that you better run and try to close the distance gap because in this situation the Shrieker will probably lose due to a lower fire rate.
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