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4 years ago#331
AlecTrev006 posted...
LigersRule posted...
AlecTrev006 posted...
I see that you are Online, Bob. Stop lurking, start posting!

You forget, it isn't December 1st anymore. It's the 2nd at that time. Meaning he was here a day ago.

Also, posting has never really been Bob's thing. Bob is more of a watcher. Tony was a poster, but Tony hasn't worked at HVS in years... Even though he still comes here.

Wooops.... my bad. What about Eric aka ghostpanda(?)?

Panda was never much a poster, actually. Not that much, anyway. He hasn't visited the board in ages.

Out of curiosity, how did you know Panda's name? I've never heard it before, and I've been on this board for ages. Then again, I can't imagine it would have taken much research.
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4 years ago#332
...Only about 29 days until the end of the year O_O.
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4 years ago#333
Watch them be like "lol the news is that the series is over with"
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4 years ago#334
NobleZone posted...
Watch them be like "lol the news is that the series is over with"

I would probably quit the game right there.
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4 years ago#335
4 years ago#336
PandaBumPanda - OMC sucks!
4 years ago#337
They're probably reading this topic and laughing about how we're all getting our hopes up. They probably have this huge screen that is always on this topic. Lol.
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4 years ago#338
Bob, is a Bob. - OMC sucks!
4 years ago#339
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4 years ago#340
Betrayer_Bot posted...
Bob, is a Bob.

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