Can I get tips for the SCAR?

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4 years ago#1
I believe I'm pretty good with the SCAR. Just looking of tips to get BETTER with it.

Should i bunny-hop?
Should I run on close and kil?

Here's the loadout:
USP. 45
Heavy Armor
Ammo Belt
Imp. Ballistics Damage

Can the loadout be improved?
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[APB]easter-- 3998-3706-8643
4 years ago#2
Stabilizer, spray at close range.
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4 years ago#3
Never use ammo belt with the scar. You are, 9 times out of ten, going to find at least one other scar user in a match. That loadout seems pretty good to me, but I would use light armor, since Improv. Ballistics doesn't really help on its own. But feel free to keep it that way.
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4 years ago#4
Ok Easter here is some great advise what I do. And I got my first RoT on it.

Shoot. Punch. Shoot. Punch. Shoot. Punch. You win.
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4 years ago#5
The cursor will quickly get larger the longer you're firing it, so let go of B for a moment and let the cursor reset every now and then when your opponent is at long range.

Basically, try burst firing at long range.
4 years ago#6
thx guys. i will switch my ammo belt. you make a good point CynralKynathel. I had stabilizer but switched it in one match and didnt swith back.

Didnt n=know about he whole thing where the cursor gets larger the more the shoot.

Thx everyone.
~EVIL is just LIVE spelled backwards~
[APB]easter-- 3998-3706-8643
4 years ago#7
Also, I prefer the HVS45 as a secondary for the SCAR.
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