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When the Wiimmfi servers for Conduit 2 start working (Archived)xXAISPXx75/29 7:09PM
About the servers.... (Archived)
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After a week of no C2, what I'll miss (Archived)_Signal35/28 10:49AM
Sniper Tourney results, settings, and other ramblings (Archived)_Signal35/27 5:32PM
Does anyone fully understand what the numbers in the play clock mean? (Archived)_Signal25/27 4:03PM
Is TCon's server still running as well as this one? (Archived)Numbuh10015/26 9:56PM
Montages is Still a Thing I Do for this Game (Poll)CmoIsDaNam355/26 4:01PM
Anyone playing tonight? (Archived)
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Conduit 2: Quite Possibly The Best Game ever. (Archived)ThePhaseRifleTV55/25 9:10PM
Conduit 2 Servers may be working as soon.... (Archived)
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RIP Conduit 2: 19 April 2011 - 22 May 2014 (Archived)
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Sanctum Prime's slow revolving drone to relax the mind (Archived)
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I challenge... YOU! (Looking for a challenge) (Archived)
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So Are The Servers Down For Good, or What? (Archived)
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There are other FPSes with servers up... (Archived)rawrLIKEaB05S__95/23 3:16AM
So the Conduit 2 Servers are down, but Goldeneye is still up (Archived)TMac98765432135/21 7:24PM
Setting up a private match (Archived)VintageRonJohn45/21 6:56PM
RIP Nintendo WFC (Archived)
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Wii Servers Finally Shutdown. RJ still a mystery... (Archived)xXAISPXx75/21 2:18PM