What is your Con2 setup?

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4 years ago#11
i just got a camping chair in front of mah telervisionz. :|
4 years ago#12
Honestly, I sit on one of these: http://www.pilatesfitness.co.uk/pics/anti_burst_balls.jpg
4 years ago#13
Am I the only one who stands while playing this game? That's weird.
I play in my basement in front of a wall mounted 30 or more inch plasma screen. I stand 4-8 feet away from it with my Wiimote tucked in to my body so I'm more steady with my aim.
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4 years ago#14
Finally got the pics.
Here is my chair:

w/ my laptop next to it, so I can conduit while I conduit.

And my TV:

w/ custom sensor bar up top to give me 1to1 aiming.

Also.... and part of the reason why I made the thread.
I'm working on designing a gaming chair to replace the one I've got.
And I'm Basically designing it around Tcon and Con2.


I'm hoping to be able to get some feedback on the prototypes I've got so far. Or if it sounds like the type of chair you'd like to be able to use for Con2.
But IDK, So far it seems people are willing to use just about anything, so... Yeah.
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4 years ago#15
is that you in the vid???????
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4 years ago#16
i sit in this giant throne like chair. it has cup holders :3 i usually sit kinda like this.


yes, i close my eyes...because I'm. Just. That. Good
~Proud leader of [UKM]~
[UKM]easter Friend Code :-: idk yet
4 years ago#17
easter85 posted...
is that you in the vid???????

Not until 11:25
NS_CHAIN 2666-2862-7656
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