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#11xXAISPXx(Topic Creator)Posted 11/25/2012 3:18:23 PM
I still rely heavily on my first loadout.

Heavy armor, spas, HVS45.

The Eclipse was one of the first alternative weapon I really explored, I need to catch up on it.
I stopped using it because it was so easy to get backstabs. But the game has changed a lot since then. Its simultaneously become more viable, and more challenging.

I stopped using the Eclipse because I could hardly get any kills on it. When I do use it, in the present, I get more kills now since I am better at the game.
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I used to use the AR-C a bunch. I also used to go Shrieker. Then I learned how to Mike people...
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I used the SMAW, and TPC sooooomuch. i'd set up mines with explosives damge so it only takes two mines to kill. i'd run once they are set up and camp with my SMAW. >:D That was when i played REALLY bad and had to use explosives!!! :(.
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