HC GGs Dug, MIke, Nightfire, Cold_night, Symph, and XG4Legend

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That was the most fun I have had in a while. There is just something about not knowing where everyone is.

Meh, I use the Widow as an attacking radar machine.


I lay down the Widow mostly in the other direction from where I'm going to go. The beeping will indicate someone's behind me while getting extra damage on.

It beeps while in automatic mode? Do you put it in the air to make it harder to knockdown? You should start playing left handed, unless you are left handed. Then you should start playing right handed.

Yes, Yes it also makes a good distraction, and haha I should make a rule to myself to never have perks on. I'm good with both my hands (hur hur...).
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Here's the first match in Streets Prime:

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Fun games.

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Fun stuff. Poor nitefire and me. At one point it was just us against the four of you. Nitefire, you're a real trooper! I wish I had Chesluk on my team to balance things out. Also, I felt like the only person taking out Symph's turret.

Oh, but nitefire, next time when you're using your ARC loadout, let me load you up with TPC mines so Symph can see the proximity mines floating through the air toward him.

Sorry Moke. I'll do better next time ):

Have a habit of messing around a lot in games.

At one point, I was trying to be a human mortar with the Shrieker.
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Here's the next one in Sanctum Prime:


Hi Nightfire!
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