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easter85 posted...
hey Pefrog...r u gonna be in the war tonight

Yeah, I can be there.
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easter85 posted...
hey Pefrog...r u gonna be in the war tonight

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xXAISPXx posted...
1Pefrog posted...
I would use it with the shotgun if I was good at using the shotgun. Aren't you good at the shotgun? Tag ... run up close ... shotgun blasts are heard. When I rip and kll at will. Man of the hour. I devour ... sorry about the LL

The shotgun is a slow weapon at times. I would use either the carbonizer(since I have imp. energy), SCAR, or USP.

That cheered me up. I just needed a good rest as I was staying up until 11 pm. If I stay up too late, I don't get tired, but I become a joker and I screw around with the game a lot (for example, I used the AEGIS).

I heard somewhere on C2 wiki that energy upgrades don't affect the carby in online multiplayer due to problems in the development or something.
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Aiden-OJ posted...

WRONG! Shoot & punch
What u need
Dark star
reverse damage
metal legs
improved punch
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tag then Usp, because well face it with that you can control the game
We need Dinos