Looking for a challenge

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ThextheDrudge posted...
I challenge you to a cheeseburger eating contest.

The winner is the one who can make the biggest mouth farts.

I just won :3



Whoa, how did you find this place? And I had no idea your stomach shrunk! Last year, you ate at least 300 cheeseburgers without breaking a sweat!

(Oh wait, we don't sweat anyway...)

I have been losing interest, and working out, as you know we drudge loose stomach capacity as muscles get tighter. Its only temporary.
Thex's Mouth-farting Padawan at your service!
#12Chupas21Posted 12/15/2012 3:18:54 PM
Ill play you.
#13Hawke0Posted 12/15/2012 3:31:44 PM
I can play, but I'll use my Strike Rifle. Like I did against AISP.
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#14PedroScarPosted 12/15/2012 4:53:09 PM
I might be able to face you, still getting used to keeping my steadiness and accuracy so we might have an even adv. since youre also coming back
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