Check out my YouTube content! I post Conduit and Conduit 2!!!!

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Seems like a cool channel.

Where can I get one of those hats?
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Chupas21 posted...
Nice cow hat!

Thanks her name is mollie
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MinjasHypa posted...
LOL glad you enjoyed my videos! Especially the lengthy ones and I'm glad they keep you entertained. Hope to see you on my stream and maybe even as a subscriber to my channel!

@Hawk Haha I know ads are a pain but it helps me make money and I have to say the ranks video was a big deal for me because I do have some gripes with Conduit 2. Hope you enjoy the videos and subscribe (:

I don't actually have a Youtube account.
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Conduit 2: 2838-6032-4718
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Well guys I'm about to start streaming some Conduit today! Follow the stream at
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B05S_Brennan posted...
Seems like a cool channel.

Where can I get one of those hats?

they sell them at a simply bouvine website google it lol. Mine had a bell but my gf liked it so i gave her the bell xD
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LigersRule posted...
I approve. I'm impressed.

I'm actually a YouTuber myself, though I haven't gotten into Twitch/Streaming at all. I have yet to get any Conduit footage, because I've yet to get a Capture Card, and I refuse to record anything in low quality. Hopefully that will change at Christmas.

I've only recorded PC games so far. Lots of Minecraft, some Bastion, Psychonauts, Team Fortress 2, whatever I've got. But I'm impressed at your Conduit 2 vids. Wish I could get something like that going.

In my skype group today, which is mostly people from this community, we were debating the merits of FaceCam vs. Not FaceCam. Ultimitely, I support FaceCam most all the time. I enjoy it. Preferably with a Green Screen, but not really a big deal. In FPS it's a little... interesting of a choice. Not a popular one. It gets too in the way. There are a lot of things going on in a FPS. Maybe you should think about whether you want to continue with the facecam or not? Ask your fans, maybe.

Other than that, I like your videos and wish you success.

Also, I like your Cow

-Lig. (LigsGames on YT)

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