Merry Christmas to all on the Conduit 2 board.

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4 years ago#11
Happy Holidays everyone!
4 years ago#12
Creativity, More, Often.
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4 years ago#13
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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4 years ago#14
Merry Christmas Andy!
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4 years ago#15
ThePrisoner06 posted...
As it is now Christmas Day, here in the UK and some other places, may I wish ALL the C2 players across the world a very Merry Christmas.

There is the possibility that I will be seen playing C2 soon, but its more than likely I will be playing a certain zombie game in the next 48 hours.

To everyone that I know on this board,


late merry Christmas but a happy new year to you all on the conduit 2 boards
4 years ago#16
Happy New Year! Indeed has it been fun for me.

It's time to spill the beans now. Look in my quote, the original account is suspended.
An Invincible Sniper Professional
4 years ago#17
why'd you get suspended under ASIP? oh, and happy belated Christmas...busy putting stuff together the past few days...

And Happy New Year, early XD (hey it beats late) now...gotta run, have a dog I gotta take to the vet. Catch you all latter!

oh, and T minus 14 days or so till I get back my wii u. For new folks search 0LD_MAN_MOSSY (old with a zero to start...) to see my Nin land posts. Hope I get my original name and system returned, but if not I'll let you know ;)
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4 years ago#18
also, Merry Christmas, if late.

But not as late as my Christmas cards... It happens every year, LOL.
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