Arc-Eclipse tips??

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4 years ago#1
Metal Legs
Imp. Melee

I usually go for the backstab, but if not, i go invisible and punch then shoot with ARC. The USP is kind of a back-up. Just In Case...
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4 years ago#2
rads > frags in almost every situation with that. you can guarantee a kill if you get into a tight spot. bomb bag helps if you're at a number disadvantage.
metal+supercharger if you're good at escaping.
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4 years ago#3
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4 years ago#4
Better loadout.

AR-C Eclipse

Blinding Powder
Improved Melee

Flash nades

Very good loadout.
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4 years ago#5
Well, you can keep the frags, really all the grenades are extremely useful in there own situations. Frag is great when you sneak up on a group of people or when you're running away (the fact that there's a frag on the floor usually makes them falter in their steps or go backwards completely). Rads are great for ensuring you get that one kill, you could get two but thats unlikely. And flash grenades are great for surprise attacks and making a ninja escape! For surprise attacks, go up from behind or the side, where they least expect it, then toss one at them, make sure it's a direct hit, then go all out with any weapon. I managed to kill ColdNight, and two others all in the same spot just by doing this. For the ninja escape, when you are being beaten, toss a flash at him (it doesn't matter if it gets you too) then go invisible and walk away. Try to stay so until you get your HP back, the ARC is all about knowing when is the best time to strike, you can get in bad positions of you do it at the wrong time.

Really it's all about preference, I like to use flash/frag grenades because everyone else uses rads. Choose wisely.
Oh, and try to switch to your pistol rather than shoot with the eclipse first, you'll make the kill that way. If yu want to shoot with the ARC, then sneak invisible from far away, (it works better and you have a higher chance of surviving, the ARC is bad at close range with any weapon) aim for the head or body, and make sure the bar is at least at the starting 23 Celsius, then fire as quickly as possible, they usually take awhile to realize that yu are shooting them and by the time they realize it, huge done enough date to make the killing blow.
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4 years ago#6
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4 years ago#7
Backstabs. All u need to know >:)
4 years ago#8
HungoverHero777 posted...

That too. ^
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4 years ago#9
Use bomb bag with Radiation grenades and use the USP more. That should help.
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