did i win at con2it yet

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Pretty cool...

Hi Ricky, I think we played a few night ago. In-game I'm "36."


I don't recall playing with you recently, actually. From what i've seen, there are three players with the name "Ricky" online. Two are mine, the other isn't.

We have played before though, so ggs on those.

Wait, do you play as the Ricky I played with? Because he or you are good for a bronze level.

You've played against both of my Ricky profiles. The sparkly lobster, you have as a rival. And my other one is gold right now. Level 32 actually, gotta rank that up at some point.
Last time I played the other guy, he was bronze. That was a few days back. At that point, my alt. was silver.

Sparkly lobster?

Is that the level 60 icon?
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Yup, except it glitters a bit. The regular lobster doesn't.
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The level 60 icon does glitter...
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