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User Info: stardust121

4 years ago#11
Hu1kSmAsh posted...
stardust121 posted...
Hu1kSmAsh posted...
The last match was very close. Just 10 more seconds T_T

I never said I was the best PR user. I know I am very good though. You might be a little better XG4, but that doesn't get me mad at all. True sniper professionals don't get mad when they lose.

That was so much fun.

but your name suggests invincibility :o

There are different meanings to my name, Ricky...

Also, Keet told me you had a YouTube, what is it?

i actually considered joining this, but decided against it thinking that there would be a number of actually good pr users.
and i'll comment on one of your videos.
Conduit 2: 0862-8647-6484(Ricky)
4299-0198-8647 (B05S^Ricky )

User Info: XG4Legend

4 years ago#12
I think dey was all scared cus I was in it. I'm the PR & SR user gtfo n00bs, smd, YOLO
C2 FC: 1936-6554-9264 [XG4Legend]
4313-9136-3240 [Savage*]
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