Why do most people on this board hate CoD

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It's alright, but the low health makes fights less enjoyable, because they're finished almost as soon as they start. I also feel like the environments are generic. GE was "modern" but at least some of the environments were interesting.
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Hawke0 posted...
I'd like to add that I don't just dislike CoD, I also dislike other boring slow paced linear set piece hand holding 'shooters', like BF.

But I love BF3...

BF3's campaign makes CoD look like Crysis in terms of linearity. The multiplayer is great, but the campaign is probably one of the worst I've ever seen.
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Drift and I play both and neither bother us. It's whatevs.
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*head scratching* Why can't any of you play CoD?

Parents :(

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I like CoD, I got alot of friends on PS3 that play it. I do agree that they have beat the franchise to death. If they isolated the Zombies gameplay and made it its own IP, and brought out the Call of Duty games once every two years it would be fresh and fun.

Saying the firefights arnt fun due to low health isnt true for me. The fact that the first one shoots wins, makes it exciting.

If C2 would take ONE thing away from CoD its the effin party system. Cause I LOVE playing AGAINST my clan mates. Defeats the purpose of making friends and adding them online. They might as well make it all rivals.

People complaining about the difference in gameplay from C2...well yeah its not C2 or Halo, its CoD. People just seem to enjoy CoD due to its accessibility. I like it due to it being the only realistic FPS I play. The rest are Halos and Conduits, and Killzones, Resistances, Borderlands ETC ETC ETC
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I don't hate it (based off the 5 minutes I played of CoD: WaW)
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I don't hate it >~>.
I actually like it now that they started adding multiplayer bots. But, it would be lovely if they can be faced in objective modes, and with a larger team number like; 10 vs10.
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cod sux
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I am neutral for the fact that I don't play it.
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Hey chesluk if you're on Xbox hit me up sometime for BF3.

CoD is the same thing in a different wrapper every year, sometimes a new flavor but still the same "candy."

I feel like Halo took a little CoD and lost some of the feeling you get from Halo, I personally think if you could just customize loadouts and not have to pay for anything it would be great but it would lose the drive to rank up.

Battlefield is just a ton of different things vehicles, infantry, jets, helos. It's great but I think because I loved the Second level of TCon's campaign so much I pretty much play Op Metro 24/7 and love it, never get tired of it, ever.

In candy comparison Halo is the Snickers, BF3 is the Crunch bar, and CoD is the chewed up gum someone spit on the floor.

Someone hit me up on Halo or BF3 sometime
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