What do u guys think of this for C3 multiplayer

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4 years ago#11
_Signal posted...
King_Boo922 posted...
How about this, a team death match split between an oil tanker and the oil rig. Using conduits to jump back and forth between them.
Then they could add a special mode like destroy the other team's base. The tanker just circles the oil rig and with turrets at each corners of the drilling platform would make for a good shooting match. That's as far as my brain went, don't know a good way for the guys on the tanker to fight back. Maybe they play by setting explosive charges. So it's kind of a seek and destroy for them, and the rig team is hitting a moving target. Now you could say that makes the tanker nothing more than a set piece, so that might not be the best ideas.

I like this one too.

I'm kinda weak in my Conduit lore, but is the oil rig actually an oil rig, are they doing something else there?

If it's doing something else, then maybe it doesn't have to be a tanker vs the oil rig. It could be some other kind of ship.

The oil rig is a real oil rig that lies just a few miles from me in the Gulf of Mexico.
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4 years ago#12
From what I remember of that mission, they were doing experiments there. I was thinking the same internal layout for the tanker, inside is all labs and cargo, more of a supply ship, just visually a tanker from the outside as a disguise.
4 years ago#13
Maybe the online match making should be set up like Mario Kart 7's. So people can set up rooms with custom rules, and then you could pick what ever match you want instead of grab bag.
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