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Conduit related Forge maps

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User Info: Chariloe

4 years ago#1
IF anyone on here has Halo 4, does anyone have remakes of Conduit maps or would want to make some? Just curious.

Also, hi guys and gals :P
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User Info: CarbonizerMike

4 years ago#2
I don't have access to that game. Maybe you could make some?

Hi back at ya.
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User Info: VintageRonJohn

4 years ago#3
Wow, I have no idea why I didn't think of that before. I have to go do that in Halo Reach now...

In Halo 3 I remade some of my Halo 2 favorites.
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User Info: kilfrfun

4 years ago#4
I partially did Streets in Reach, credit limit and blocks were terrible.

Halo 4 i've yet to do anything productive in that doesn't turn into a slayer match with unlimited possibilities
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