Best way to get credits?

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Thank you all!

@Sgt. Thex I also need those credits to go to DU...and I would rather get a carbanahizor now.

@Mike is that why you played as MikeAgain?

@Mindesyn Love that enthusiastic post, there!

@old_man_mossy I tried invasion, but it can be hard to beat and you barely get 20,000 credits before losing.

I received only 20,000 credits from defeating all the Trust soldiers, too. I think I must be patient. I also didn't know head shots count in Invasion.
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What invasion stage do you play the most, drudge-buddie?

I think Serenity is the easiest. It also seemed to be the least buggy for me and tended to have pay the most cache and giant coins.

With the other invasion maps being based off of larger maps, I tended to have more coins/chests go/drop out of bounds pn them...or bounce into that darn pit on Avalanche. The enemies would occasionally spawn off map too, or in rocks, etc.

Prob. Just my personal experience...not real evidence (and I'm more than a little partial to that stage) but I always found that map to pay off the best and behave the least buggy.
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IdektheDrudge posted...
@Mike is that why you played as MikeAgain?

Yes. I was testing the connection differences between the two consoles and trying to figure out what was wrong with my new router. For some reason, WEP encryption messed with the Wii really bad. So now it's unsecured and I'm back to normal. I thought I was going to be stuck with the Wii U profile for a while there.
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