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4 years ago#11
I have a whole video.

A: Jump
B: crouch/sprint
C: Shoot
Z: Lockon

Dpad Up: Grenade.
Dpad Down: Melee
Dpad Left: Next Weapon
Dpad Right: Reload.

- : Zoom
+ : ASE
1: Score
2: Pause

Shake Nunchuck: Spin
Snake wiimote: Next Grenade.

Turning speed: 55
Cursor sensitivity:100
Thrust sensitivity: 85
Shake sensitivity: 5
Deadzone: 255 high X 249 Long

Its changed some since, but you get the idea.
I don't understand how people can play with a cursor speed under 100.
Might as well be using analog sticks.
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User Info: KainWind

4 years ago#12
Let's see if I can remember, I think this is right...

A: Shoot
B: crouch/sprint
C: Jump
Z: Lockon

Dpad Up: ASE
Dpad Down: Zoom
Dpad Left: Next Grenade
Dpad Right: Next Weapon

- : Reload
+ : Melee
1: Pause
2: Score

Shake Nunchuck: Grenade
Snake wiimote: Spin
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