Conduit '73 Poll 2: Elvis, MIchael Ford, or

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Elvis is in the lead!

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old_man_mossy posted...
I vote Other...


Oh wait...he would have hatcheted Adams sorry Alien arse before TCON could happen!

Nah, if you are going back...time travel is overdone.

The series, if it reboots or goes old republic...needs a fresh protagonist.

I vote for a human cloaked Promethius and tell the tale on how he got captured adverting a Bay of Pigs WW3 sorta deal.

Wow, my history is so weak. I'm gonna have to look up Bay of Pigs. We need you on the development team.

What if we could get Roger Moore to do the voice?

Plus somehow we have to include Led Zeppelin's song Kashmir
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This topic and all the posts are golden c; You should be proud.
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