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Great game last night in Precipice

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  3. Great game last night in Precipice
2 years ago#1
Sorry I didn't get to note everyone there, remember Dug and Brennan. Was a full six on six with a final score of 50:49. Doesn't get much better than that!
2 years ago#2
Yeah, I remember that match. I looked at the score and it was 49/49 and I thought 'damn if someone could just OHKO someone (because me killing someone is a slow, methodical process) and I also hope I am not the losing death'. Then I heard a whistle and a BAM. I think you/Ventus made the game winning kill.

Good games. I am using explosive focus more :P
2 years ago#3
They were OK. I felt I could've played better though.
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2 years ago#4
We had some games, too...technically it was only just one.
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  3. Great game last night in Precipice

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