Coming to this board periodically...

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You have been away too long!

C2 online is still alive and well, having survived the WiiUpocalypse. There are still a few full matches online, mostly in BTGB. Last night me and Nightfire ran into some others in HC FFA. It's alright I think.

As for the board, we still have Falcon and Games2356 to remind us that C2 is a terrible game, there won't ever be a C3, and that they don't have another forum to troll.

j/k Falcon and Games. We need you here.

Yeah, I miss the shrimp girl and that guy that showed up about the same time. What was his name, Marlboro-Man?

How's the MiiVerse treating ya?

Lol I'll start pisting more, promise


DOH!!! Stupid typos... but yeah, I guess I can take a pist while Im here too.
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It's okay punch, frequent or not, we enjoy it when you take the time to pist here
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Ahh I've been missing ya, Punch! Glad you'll be pisting more, that's always a fun little hobby to do! Bringing back those good old memories...

Chronic! Wow... Haven't seen you in a while, my friend. I hope all is well with you, and I'm glad to see you still drop by here every once in a while! And track! Neato! But that sounds painful...
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I lurk.

Sold the game so I don't play anymore. Don't miss it to be honest.

Been playing the Wii U. Finally beat Batman's campaign, (including the DLC sections). Debating between starting Darksiders, Ninja Gaiden 3, or ZombiU. I started ZombiU so maybe I'll finish it before starting the others.