Conduit 3 bad news

#1LeThA169Posted 3/17/2013 12:39:08 PM
The other day i was looking at DAVID A's channel(one of the former conduit 2 developers) and i commented on a video about the achievments and medals.So i asked him "ARE YOU GUYS WORKING ON CONDUIT3?"And he repleyed saying"The vast majority of the High Voltage team dosent work there any more(including myself)I guess you never know what could happen but i wouldnt hold my breath:)"
Knowing this helps alot becuase all this time we have been wondering what is taking them so long.
Heres another bit of information that is good.In march 14 this year they released a port of the conduit to Tegra powered androids for free.Maybe thats what they were working on? What do u guys think???LeThA169
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We've always known HVS had a high turnover rate.
Not sure if this changes anything.
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Thanks for the info. Yeah, I don't think that any of us were expecting anything anytime soon.

I'd predict at least two years before we see any kind of sequel to C2.

Also, there's nothing wrong with some fresh minds and fresh ideas.
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