GGs Darcsen, Kosta and other PAL players.

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Ahhh I got slaughtered, especially in hcffa. Was my first time playing hardcore but still not a good excuse for that score. Derpy you are pro with the pistol lol. There was a bit of lag against you but nothing to bad.

For me, I feel and extreme delay on a lot of stuff. But it's a lot better then the people spazzing out and not being able to hit anyone. So I'm fine with the wee bit of lag I get.

I think I went better when we versed in btgb with my phase rifle.

Heh heh, Yeah. On my end it was, fumbling around for a ranged gun on the ground, while getting mowed down by the snipars. You three did great.

Is derpy an alt account or your first one?

I just started playing on PAL. Which means I had to make a new account. I'm working on re-creating the underwear drudge on my PAL account, but the colors are so expensive.
I'm Derpitimus. I forgot my password, and got locked out of my account.