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GGs Dug and Nightfire

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User Info: _Signal

4 years ago#1
Dug, you are truly the master of the Black hole making machine. Truly skilled. I had no lag with you tonight.

Nightfire, great games as always.

Better luck next time to you both, LOL.

Conduit2FC(36): 3354-2948-5226

User Info: 1Pefrog

4 years ago#2
Thanks. Good games to you guys too. Nightfire must of had some connection trouble. He kept leaving and coming back. I was in some trouble with your sniping.
If it's yellow, leave it for the next fellow. If it's brown, flush it down.

User Info: nightfire0013

4 years ago#3
Fun games to the two of you.

Yeah.. That hasn't happened since early last year. I'm going to have to call my ISP again, ask them what's up and whatnot.
I confess.
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