I'm back! :D

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Yep. It's me. TPRTV. I know some of you may have seen me online since I "quit." But now I'm back! I even got a new youtube channel! PermanentPhantom if you want to check me out.

Zup man, yeah, I remember you, the teabagger guy, ur havin fun with that...greetings...

Haha...sorry...I tend to tea bag people who have more or equal experience to me because they can actually kill me and that irritates me. And you, well, you it lag so it frustrates me a lot when you get a kill. So I tea my bags on you! :D

Ah, ok.
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Cool, welcome back. :)
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Cool, welcome back. :)

Haha, I played you In an FFA and I totally raged.
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Hey welcome back, I played you a lot when I was a noob. I saw you play a couple of games like a week ago.
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