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User Info: 1Pefrog

4 years ago#1
Add goldenscorpi ... or delete from rivals like I did. I wished he wouldn't of hacked. He was a dark star user. Poor brother ... or sister. We could of made so many black holes together. = (
If it's yellow, leave it for the next fellow. If it's brown, flush it down.

User Info: Derppopotamus

4 years ago#2
The Conduit 2 chat room is now up and running again.

User Info: Memo-77

4 years ago#3
Ahhmmm....Mr.Ford and all of his brothers, cousins, wives, nephews and the whole Ford family? What about 100%? that guy wears those rockets shoes from Willy E. Coyote...
Memo77 FC: 2624-2302-9965 Let's play again... x.x ...again... x.x ...ok, forget it...
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