Huh? When did this game make the top 10?

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nice dudeman
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Hawke0 posted...
C2 was always in the top 10 boards.

Really? I thought we were just top 10 Wii boards. This is pretty awesome.
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rawrLIKEaB05S__ posted...
#1 Wii game..
In yo face Xenoblade

xXAISPXx posted...
Goldeneye isn't even up there, haha.

Numbuh100 posted...

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I feel like we're all going to get in trouble for this somehow.

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I just made a MiiVerse post about it! LOL. I guess I'm gonna play some Conduit 2 for a little while now!
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I think we just won le Intarwebz!
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And... Of course Im having a great time. Game has glitched twice. Ugh... :D
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Mentioned it in the other thread, but that Cracked article comes to mind.