Conduit 2's top ten status and the future of the franchise

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Of course the overall top ten is important as well.

I wish Bob or Tony were around to see it.

Maybe someone should email HVS about it. I know some of you guys have contacts there.

I have Tony on FB, and he sometimes comments on my status updates (if they are game related) and he's pretty active on there, but he hasn't worked at HVS in 2 years or so.

HVSKEITH said many employees haven't been working on HVS in a while.

I've never even heard of Keith, but Tony left before Conduit 2 was even finished, to work as an animator at Blue Sky studios, the people who did Ice Age, Rio, Robots, Horton Hears a Who, and are set to do the upcoming movie "Epic".

Speaking of which, I really want a sequel to Robots.
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