Got this game yesterday, didn't realize it was so popular

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I noticed that people liked me more when I stopped using reverse damage. Also, if you join a clan/team then matches usually ban SMAW, reverse damage, widow maker specialization, double ballistics, double explosives, and phase rifle signature hiding (or whatever it is called). Clan matches are few and far between now though.



Dark*Star! I played a few matches against you about an hour ago! I was "Will", if you remember seeing that username.

Yeah, those were fun games. I was mostly fixated on that hive cannon user with heavy armor. It's hard to run from a hive cannon user.
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No noob tubes or other annoying/spammy weapons? Sounds easy enough!

Play the game how you like. You bought it, you're entitled to use whatever you want.

Yep. It's all part of the game. The things Derpy mentioned do tend to annoy people, but I think everyone in this game does at least one annoying thing.
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