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what is your favorite Trust weapon?

#1Toho2Posted 6/11/2013 7:03:22 PM
Including PR. I like using the TPC and Carbonizer. Decomizer is fun too. But I'd say TPC for sure. PR is fun at times but true snipers would use the SR.
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#2HC-GabePosted 6/11/2013 7:04:38 PM
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#31PefrogPosted 6/11/2013 7:45:25 PM
hvs45 and deatomizer ... OHKO's
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#4XG4LegendPosted 6/11/2013 8:10:20 PM
Started not to give a f***
#5stardust121Posted 6/11/2013 8:13:26 PM
Going ghost and backstabbing people is the way to go, so the ARC gets my vote.
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#6Nxon_Dream-BacKPosted 6/11/2013 8:13:49 PM
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#7--Hope--Posted 6/11/2013 9:46:10 PM
XG4Legend posted...

How come is it that when I do fight you, or my brother fights you that you never use the carby???? Last time I played a match with you you used the phase and spas throughout the whole match......interesting....

(Same goes for so many people I have fought, they have really great,unique loadouts, have a bad turnout of sorts and just resort to powerhouse weapons (excluding XG4Legend--Phase and spas are not powerhouse) like the scar, or smaw (Omar--By the way who is "Omar" here on Gamefaqs?????).
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#8--Hope--Posted 6/11/2013 9:48:08 PM
HC-Gabe posted...

^_^ Fellow shrieker users rock!!!
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#9CarbonizerMikePosted 6/11/2013 11:17:11 PM
Actually, the Phase Rifle is the very definition of a powerhouse weapon. It's why I refuse to use it (aside from occasionally picking up someone else's and shooting without any Phase Rifle upgrades).

The SPAS is definitely a strong weapon.
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#10ThePhaseRifleTVPosted 6/12/2013 6:09:53 AM
Phase Rifle. ^.^
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