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unique game types

#1night42marePosted 6/16/2013 6:24:01 PM
True hardcore:
Tpc, 45, frag, explosive focus, increased explosives, 1 health, no health regen, ammo dumps, on streets.
Sniper wars:
Phase, 45, rad, ammo salv, ammo belt, quickness, increased balllistics, 50 health, 50 health regen, on prescipice
Pistole barage:
45, hv, frag, ammo salv, ammo belt quickness, increased balistics, 50 health, 50 health regen, on sanctum
explosive army:
Widow, smaw, frag, wido special, ammo belt, quick, increased balistics, 200 health, 0 health regen, on argarath
Nucular attack:
Smaw, tpc, frag, explosive focus, ammo belt, quick, incresed energy, any map

If u have any complaints let me know, any complements or tips, let me know. Enjoy!!! :-)
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