C2 is the best shooter, arguably the best game ever made.

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User Info: --Hope--

3 years ago#41
NO. Conduit 2 is not the best shooter ever made!

Many critics arguably feel that Halo 4 and Star wars franchise games are better.
I agree. I think the star wars franchise games have much better storyline and a more...."controlled" online multiplayer. As for halo 4, yes they have overpowered weapons(DMR) but they still have a good storyline.

Lucas-Arts and Bungie are still my favorite companies to date. Hvs is also pretty good but Lucas-Arts has been around since they 90's and is still very successful.
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User Info: CynralKynathel

3 years ago#42
Hawke0 posted...
Magnum-Man posted...
7 out of 13 Wii gamers prefer C2 to their regular FPS.

0 out of 10 doctors agree one of them is an idiot.

Fixed it for ya. Gotta watch those typos.
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User Info: Derppopotamus

3 years ago#43
Oh Shen. :3
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User Info: old_man_mossy

3 years ago#44
This games a lot of fun...but I don't play shooters for the same reason most do.

This game is one of my fav's...but hands down, wear the comp. like a diaper awesome goes to Reflex.

Favorite maps thus far, period.
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User Info: SkozoTheCanniba

3 years ago#45
All I know is, I really miss this game and I can't argue against it why it isn't the best.

It's just a fun and bad ass game, just miss it is all.
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  3. C2 is the best shooter, arguably the best game ever made.

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